Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trip to NY Summer 2013

Finally trying to post some pictures from our trip to NY. 

The trip was an adventure to say the least. My dad had driven Dustin's motorcycle present down to NC only 2 days before my drive up to NY; so he could ride back up with me. The last time I drove down from NY by myself with all 6 kids and our dog, my "new" car broke down in Maryland, and I got stranded for 3 days in a low-end hotel (that would allow pets). So, to make the most of it, we walked to the Kmart and bought swim suits thinking we could hang out in the hotel pool while we waited for the car to be fixed. However, after our first day in the hotel, they shut the pool down because they said it didn't pass inspection. Now, that was an adventure!

This trip was not quite as eventful as that one (which I am thankful for). However, the air conditioning in the car went out at our first stop. That means we drove the entire way to NY with NO AC! That made for a sweaty, stinky trip. 

While in NY, I hoped to get it fixed, but after talking with mechanics in several shops, I was told it would be about $400 which was not in the budget. So, we decided to just tough it out.

We enjoyed climbing the falls behind my grandparents house, fishing in the pond, and all the things in the woods and outdoors that I enjoyed in my childhood. Simple pleasures :)  I love that my kids love them too!

 Aunt Jeanette took the kids fishing in the pond behind the house I grew up at.

 Grandpa Jack teaching the kids how to drive a 4-wheeler.
Swinging at Grandma Gayle's.

 The girls playing in the creek. Too cute!

 Blake just hanging out while we climb the falls.

 Uncle Brandon took the older kids the entire way up the falls.
Here's the look-out near the top of the mountain I grew up on.

Our time in NY never seems long enough. After a week in upstate NY, it was time to head home. We are already missing NY and all our family and friends up there. 

The drive home was HOT, but the kids were such troopers. We picked up some spray bottles, and my Aunt Dotti packed frozen baggies of wash clothes for the kids to wipe themselves down with as we drove. We left at 4pm hoping it would be cooler (it was 95 degrees out when we left). Needless to say, it was a very hot trip home. My grandmother insisted that we stop in a hotel on our drive instead of doing the 14 hour drive straight through (like we typically do). It was so nice to get to take a shower and spend a couple hours in a bed (actually, I slept on the floor, but my kids had a bed). 

My dad drove BACK down to NC in a separate car with my nephew Daig. My dad came down to help us repair the roof over the kitchen that has been leaking for some time, and help us finally get the pool put in that we got back in the spring. He has been working very hard on the pool for the past two weeks. (For the story on how we came to have a pool, please read here).

There has been several obstacles in the process of putting up the pool. First, digging and trying to level the entire thing without the proper tools. Plus, because it was used, all the pieces have warped a little, and they don't fit in perfectly, and we were missing bolts. The pool liner that is made for that make and style of pool didn't quite fit, so they had to fold it over and bolt part of it down. The ladder is missing the back half and has bolts in it that would break the liner, so they had to come up with a platform and attach something to the bottom of the ladder to protect the pool. Now, the filter isn't working properly and keeps popping the circuit. They are trying to figure out what sort of electrical issue they are having so they can fix that.

Thankfully my dad and Dustin are able to "improvise, adapt, and overcome." That must be the Marine in the both of them. They are so determined to get it up for the kids to enjoy before the summer is over. I applaud their perseverance, and I pray that they get it done soon, so they can take a break and enjoy it!

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