Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Waiting to Be Matched

Our adoption agency informed us that our case is scheduled to be presented to the board THIS FRIDAY. (It is possible that they wont get to it until next week, but next week would be the latest).

What is matching? Well, matching is when the Inter Country Adoption Board ICAB looks at all our paperwork (our complete dossier) and all of the paperwork and files for the children we are hoping to adopt. They ask the social worker questions about how we are prepared to provide for and take care of the children, and why they think we would be a good family for them. The ICAB looks at all the information, and then they decide if they think we will be a good match for this sibling set. If the answer is "Yes." Then, we are officially matched and the next step is getting the kids Visa's, passports, and whatever else they need before they would travel. It is possible that they may have questions or concerns that they want to address before giving the final "yes" which would add time to the decision.

Anyways, we are coveting your prayers. Please pray for God's perfect plan to come together without any complications. Please pray that the board will look favorably on our file, and that the Lord would guide them in their decision. We also pray that God would provide the provisions for this adoption in His perfect timing. Please also pray for peace for us. We are so nervous and excited awaiting the official decision.

Thank you for your prayers. I cannot thank you enough!

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  1. Waiting for matching was the WORST!!! Hope you get word soon!