Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This past Friday was A Sea of Hope's Annual Quarter Auction!

There were so many people that came, volunteered, donated, prayed for, and supported this year's Quarter Auction, and we are so grateful to each one of you. We could not have done it without each one of you! We are beyond blessed, and we thank you for your generosity and support!

So often, I hear people say that the main reason they don't adopt is because they just don't have the money for it. Well, I ask you to reconsider if that is your main reasoning.

EVERY child deserves a family, so please don't let money be the reason you do not proceed forward. I assure you, Our GOD is BIGGER than the financial burden. He will provide!

There are programs, people, grants, and fundraisers that you can utilize to help bring your child(ren) home!

This weekend was an example of how God uses individuals for His glory to help raise funds to bring His children home!

Proceeds from this year's quarter auction were $4,197.00!!! Wow! What an amazing God we serve!  We are now that much closer to bringing home our children! Praise the Lord!

Our agency fee is due soon. It is $4500. The money for the Quarter Auction almost completely covers our agency fee! Thank you Jesus, and thank you to all the individuals who's hearts have been stirred to care for the orphans, and who have stepped up to make a difference and help bring my children home! We are eternally grateful to you!

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