Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dossier Fee....COVERED

While we were still basking in the joy of the blessings of the Quarter Auction covering the majority of our agency fee, we received an email stating that an individual donated $1,000 directly to our adoption agency which completely covers our Dossier fee!

We are BLOWN AWAY! WOW! What an AMAZING GIFT! SUCH GENEROSITY! I literally cried! I am so humbled, so grateful, so absolutely in awe of the generosity of so many people!

When we started this adoption process (as with our adoption of Fasika and Markos) we were unsure where all the funds would come from, but we are confident that God will provide.

We just discussed in Bible Study tonight that God is "Jehovah Jireh" which means "my provider." We know He will provide for His children.

We are appreciative of the individuals God has called upon to help us with this adoption, and we are so grateful for their obedience to God stirring in their hearts. There is absolutely no way that we could do this without the help of others.

Thank you! Somehow, those words do not seem adequate; and yet, we have no other way of reciprocating other than to say, "thank you." We pray that God  will pour out His blessings over you!

If you too would like to help us as we strive to live out God's plan for our life and bring 7 orphans home, there is information about how to make a one time tax-deductible donation directly to our adoption agency on the top left of this blog. We thank you for your support and prayers!

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