Thursday, October 10, 2013


Based on the latest invoice from our adoption agency, We are COMPLETELY FUNDED for our adoption INCLUDING estimated travel expenses (plane tickets for the 7 children to come home and for Dustin and I to go get them). ALLELUIA! Praise the Lord! (for the complete breakdown of adoption expenses click here.)

We started this adoption process less than a year ago, and in that time, there has been over $40,000 raised to help bring our children home. That is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! God has moved the mountains.  There has been $20,000 just since May which is totally a God thing! It has been such an amazing experience to see God at work through so many people.

The envelope fundraiser was a humongous success, and we are grateful to each of you who gave so generously. We could not have done this without your help, and we cannot thank you enough for joining us in this journey! We thank the Lord for each of you and pray blessings over you for your support and your prayers. We hope you will continue to follow our adventures and updates on our blog.

Now the question is, "When do those precious kiddos get to come home?"  Right?

Since we started this process, I had thought that the children would be here by this Christmas. However, it doesn't look like that will be the case. 

Some of you may have seen my post that we got a video of our children in the Philippines (I discuss it: here: in the blog post immediately before this one). The family that was kind enough to make the video just traveled to pick there children up this month. They were officially matched 5 months ago. We have been matched for a little over 1 month. Our agency also informed us that the Filipino government offices where our paperwork will be headed no longer accepts new paperwork after December 15th; therefore, it does not look like our children will be home before Christmas. While this saddens us deeply, we are trusting in the Lord's perfect plan, and we are eagerly anticipating the day when all our children will be together under one roof.

Based on the other family's timeline (though nothing with adoption timelines are exactly the same), we are looking at maybe January of February for the children to come home.

Join us in praising our Heavenly Father for His provisions for this adoption and for His perfect plan. Please also pray for the hearts of all of our children as we await our unification, that God would comfort them (and us) and draw us all closer to Him. Our prayer is that He would use the time between now and when they come home to prepare our hearts and minds for the transition ahead, that He would give Dustin and I wisdom as to how to best parent a family of 15. I pray that the Lord would hold my children in His loving embrace and give them peace as they wait, (and that He would make the time go quickly for all of us waiting to be united). 

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  1. Ugh! I just wrote this whole long comment and then hit the wrong button! Anyway, congratulations on being fully funded! Such a great feeling! And we were at the same place at this time last year, wanting desperately to travel before the end of the year. But the ICAB is never in quite the same hurry we are! We traveled as soon as tickets became affordable again after Christmas, January 11-18. While it was dreadful to have to wait, in hindsight it really was the best timing for us, and, I think, for James and his foster family. God does have it all under control and the time will go by fast!!