Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Precious Video

In our email this morning, was a precious video of our children in the Philippines. What a gloriously precious gift!

One of the other families that recently adopted, took a couple pictures of our children and made a short video of them saying hello to us. It was the first video we have seen of them since they have known they had a family.

I wish I could share the video with you, but Hague rules do not allow this. Nevertheless, trust me when I say the video was SUPER ADORABLE!!!

They were absolutely precious, and they were laughing and giggling as they tried a couple times to all start all together and say, "Hello family. We love you!"

Oh my goodness, what joy! Thank you Jesus for this glimpse of our children which is a ray of hope as we wait without knowing when they will be united with us. We trust in Your plan and in Your timing Lord, and we are thankful for that ray of hope.

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