Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Preparations Around the House

We just returned from our annual trip to upstate New York. That is where I am from, and we try to get up there at least once a year to visit all of my family members that still live up there.

It is always a fun time that my children look forward to; but, this year, Dustin didn't get to go. We decided it made more sense for him to stay home at the farm and take care of all the animals rather than paying someone to farm-sit. While he was here, Dustin worked hard around the house on getting the kids rooms set up for our additional children.

The "boys' room" will have all six boys in it, and the full bathroom attached will be just for them. Our boys already in our home love the outdoors and the mountains; so, Dustin put a wallpaper mural on the wall to bring the outdoors in. I love it! Here is how their room looks so far:

We still need some sheets and boys bedding and a couple more mattresses, but we have no doubt that the Lord will provide it in His timing.

Our younger girls room will have the three younger girls. One side has a regular bunk bed, but in order to provide a larger play area, we are using a loft on the opposite side of the room with a play station underneath it.

Our older girls room is not even close to done yet. We are still working on it, but we have one bunk bed for their room so far.

Before I left, I had painted a tree on the wall, and Dustin added a verse to the bottom right of the tree (which isn't in the picture). The verse says, "You will be like a tree, firmly planted by streams of water You will yeild your fruit in season; your leaves will not wither; And whatever you do will prosper." Psalm 1:3. We plan on getting pictures of all our family members hung up on it.

He also added a bunch of shelves to the shed and our study. Everything is coming together nicely! We just wanted you to get a peek at the progress.

We are still waiting to be officially matched, so there isn't any news on that yet. But, we have gotten a little closer to our fundraising goal for our adoption (take a look at the thermometer on the right-hand side of the page to see the progress)!  Thanks again to everyone for their generosity in helping us bring our kids home.

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