Monday, May 13, 2013

Home School Co-op Next Year

I am SO beyond excited that our family has been accepted into Trillium Cottage Academy for next year!

Trillium is an absolutely amazing group of christian homeschooling families that meets once a week for classroom activities that correspond with and build off the work the homeschooling families are doing at home. The group was established 11 years ago.

The small group of christian, like-minded families are committed to a Christ centered education. All the families use Tapestry of Grace curriculum for a specific cycle (so that they are covering the same material at home), and then they get together once a week for fellowship, discipleship, and building off the blocks that were covered at home in a classroom setting. The kids do Hands on History activities, Classical Conversations Foundation memory work, discuss literature, and perform historical skits. The kids will write speeches and practice public speaking and debate. They also work together on a grammar program, assigned map work, biographical studies, world view, Latin, and writing activities.

This co-op is such a blessing because it provides opportunities that home schooling kids wouldn't normally have. The kids (and parents) have accountability to help keep them focused and on task. The kids get a limited classroom type environment with their peers while still being part of a tight knit family environment.  The moms have fellowship and spiritual encouragement as well, and they can work together to share their gifts with other home school children.

We are ECSTATIC about this opportunity. We know that as a large family we are a big undertaking to add to any program, and we are so grateful to the board of Trillium that they are willing to bring us in and help us in our home schooling experience.

We had the privilege of attending Trillium's end of the year banquet this past week, and our kids got to meet the other children that they will be attending with next year; plus, our family got to witness first hand the results of the children's hard work. We were very impressed!

Is it weird that we are excited about NEXT year's school, but we haven't even finished THIS year's school?

Thankful to God for next year's co-op! 

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