Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Adjusted Fees for Our Adoption

As I mentioned earlier, we, unfortunately, underestimated the costs for this adoption :( We weren't sure what additional expenses there would be with a sibling set of 7. However, this is the most current, expected fees that Christian Adoption Services has written up for us to be able to plan for.

* shows what has already been paid

Required Paperwork/ Filing
*Medical Evaluations 90
*Birth Certificates/Marriage License & translation 150
*USCIS 1800A  850
*Fingerprinting   85
*Psychological Evaluation 1300  600

CAS Fees
*Application fee 200
*Home Study 1,500 800
*Dossier 1,000
*Coordinating fees 4,500
Post Placement 4,250
Finalization 1,100
Additional Siblings 6,000  4,200 (700 per additional sibling)

*ICAB Application 200
*International Mailing Fee 100
*Liason fee 600
ICAB pre-travel 3,000
Orphanage contribution 1,000 
Estimated ICAB Pre-Placement Fees
Passport Application 1,200 x 7 = 8,400p
Birth Certificate 280 x 7 = 1,960p
Commission on Filipino Overseas 400 x7 =2,800p
Visa Fee 10,000 x 7 = 70,000p
Visa Medical  10,000 x 7 = 70,000p
Visa picture 120 x 7 = 840p
Meals and Transportation passport 3,000 x 7 = 21,000p
Meals and Transportation medical 7,000 x 7 = 49,000p
Tax exemption certificate 200 x 7 = 1,400p
Administrative Fee 1,000p
Airfare estimated 7 kids + 2 adults 34,000p
Accommodations (5 days) 3,000 x 5 days = 15,000p
In Country Fees Total: 275,400 pesos / $6,679

Roundtrip Airfare NC-Manila 2 1,800 x2= 3,600
One way airfare Manila to NC  7 1,000x7= 7,000
Roundtrip Airfare Manila to Cebu  2 125x2= 250
One way airfare Cebu to Manila 7 70x7= 490
Hotel in Manila  2     1 night (Saturday) 1 room=100
Hotel in Cebu 2   3 nights (Sun, Mon, Tues) 1 rm=300
Hotel in Manila  9            3 nights (Wed, Thurs, Fri) 2 rms=600
   Travel   Total: $12,500

~ Children over 12 must attend Embassy class Thursday.
ICAB appointment Friday
Saturday- Fly home

Total:  $41,904
Current fees paid:  $9,175

Total Estimated Remaining Expenses: $32, 729

Wow...I would be lying if I didn't find these numbers intimidating and a little scary, but we trust that somehow God will provide for this adoption to bring His children home.

Please join us in praying for provision for this adoption. Please pray that the organizations we are applying for grants would look favorably on our application, that our fundraisers would be productive and blessed by God, and that God would stir in the hearts of individuals to come alongside of us and financially support us in our efforts to bring these kids home.

If you have any ideas of other fundraising activities we could do, please let us know. If you are organizing your own fund raiser to help cover our adoption expenses, please let us know so that we can share information on our blog and facebook page! (email me with details: the.bestul.family@gmail.com)

We look forward to witnessing how God can make this happen, and we are so grateful to all the individuals that have already stepped up to help us bring our children home.

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