Friday, November 15, 2013

Relief for Typhoon Victims

I am in shock after seeing the pictures from the effects of the typhoon in the Philippines: buildings completely demolished, people crying over their loved ones dead under the rubble, desperation, fear, and hurt. These people are hungry. They need medical attention. They need water and shelter. THEY NEED OUR HELP!  Please help them!

The devastation from the typhoon in the Philippines was so overwhelming that it seemed like there is nothing we can do.  What little we have to give seems too insignificant to make a difference. However, that reminds me of a story about a little boy who went to listen to Jesus speak. When the crowds of over 5,000 people were there and hungry, the little boy offered his lunch: 2 fish and 4 loaves of bread. That seems pretty insignificant an amount and definitely seems inadequate to feed over 5,000 people, but that didn't stop the little boy from giving it. And, with that small gift, Jesus blessed it, and He made it sufficient. Jesus used that little boys gift to feed 5,000. 

I wonder, how many other people in that same crowd of 5,000 had something to give but didn't offer it because they didn't think it was enough. No gift is too small! Please give whatever you can. 

Please pray and please help provide relief and aid to the victims in the Philippines. You can donate directly with credit card online through the non-profit organization where my children are:

Checks can be sent to: Children's Shelter of Cebu, PO Box 247, Cambridge, MN 55008. *Make sure to mark the donation as designated for "Typhoon Relief." 

Lord, I pray you will provide relief and comfort to the many victims in the Philippines. Wrap them in your loving arms Lord and give them strength and peace. Draw them close to you in their time of need, and please help stir in the hearts of others to come along and give sacrificially to provide aid. Father, I pray you will multiply their gifts and use them to provide needs to the many suffering. 

Thank you for your compassion and generosity, and thank you for your continued prayers for the many victims of this typhoon.

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