Sunday, September 1, 2013


Alleluia PRAISE GOD!!!! WE WERE MATCHED!!!!! Ahhhhhh! I can't even put it into words how excited we are!

We were officially matched with our SEVEN children from the Philippines! Though they have been our family in our hearts for some time now, they are now "officially" ours, and we are officially a family of 15! God is SO good!

We have to submit our paperwork accepting our referral, and then they will let us know how much we owe the country for our financials. Hopefully then they will be able to give us a little more of a timeline as to when we can go and get our kids to bring them home!

Once we submit the paperwork to accept our referral, we can make the kids photo albums to introduce our family to them.Please pray for them as they are told the news of our family. Please also continue to pray for provisions for this adoption.

 Yay! Matched! We are on cloud nine! Join us in celebrating and singing praises to our Heavenly Father! He is worthy of our praise!


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