Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lifesong Grant Matched AND Church Donation

Our Lifesong grant has been matched. We had a $4,000 matching grant, which means that is actually $8,000 towards bringing our kids home! Praise the Lord! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Lifesong for Orphans grant. And, thanks again to We Care for Orphans for sponsoring our grant! The work that these organizations do is so precious as they care for the orphans and help remove the financial barrier. They are a blessing to so many, and we would pray that the Lord would continue to bless their organizations and ministry.

Grace Community of Topsail also made a very generous donation. They gave us $4,000 towards our adoption! Isn't that incredible? Wow! Amazing. We are so immensely blessed. The Lord is providing.

Look at the thermometer on the right of this blog. We are getting so close to funded.

If all the envelopes come back...we will be completely funded! We will have all the funds necessary to travel to bring our children home. Praise the Lord in Heaven!

Thank you to each and every one of you who have helped raise the money to bring these kids home!

If you are interested in seeing the breakdown in expenses for the adoption of 7 children click here.

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