Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Play Dress

You may have noticed from most of my pictures (and if you have ever seen any of my girls), they absolutely LOVE to wear their play dresses.

When we were looking for modest dresses, we were blessed to find a wonderful homeschooling mom in Oregon, Carla, who makes the beautiful play dresses that my girls love wearing. They are modest and feminine, but they are also practical (with the full skirt) and affordable!

We HIGHLY recommend you check them out. She also makes the bloomers that go underneath the dresses, and you get to pick which color fabric you want your dress made in!

Carla and her daughter recently blessed us with 4 lovely dresses and bloomers that she donated to us for our adoption. We are so grateful to her for her generosity! We are so blessed! I hope you would check out her ministry, and if you are looking for some quality, affordable, play dresses for your girls, please support her ministry!


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