Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Sea of Hope Quarter Auction Feb 22!

A Sea of Hope Quarter Auction is scheduled for February 22nd, 2013, and we have been officially chosen to benefit from it! If you have never been to a quarter auction they are so much fun! They are a great time with a chance to win phenomenal prizes for just a quarter, and it is all for a great cause (to help bring orphans home!).

What do we need to do?

Well, as a benefiting family, we are required to come up with 30 donations for the auction, and that is where we need your help! Can you help us collect prizes for the auction? We need gift baskets, gift cards, and other donations.  If you are a small business you can donate products or services. There are additional opportunities for anyone who wants to be a vendor (just email me for information).

When you are in a store or restaurant, ask the manager if they will make a donation! Or, maybe you have a gift card you got for Christmas you would be willing to part with? We would be so grateful for your assistance in collecting prizes.

If you have any gift cards, you could send them directly to our house for the auction. Our address is: 155 John Humphrey Rd. Burgaw, NC 28425.

If you have a basket or something larger than a gift card, we will arrange to get it from you (please email me):

Thank you so much for your assistance with collecting prizes for this year's quarter auction!

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