Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Family Farm

It's hard to believe we have been at our farm for just over a year now, Faith Grown Farm. We absolutely LOVE it!

Since we have moved in, we have been working on trying to figure out what exactly we want to use the farm for knowing first and foremost we want to it to glorify God!

Another thing that we feel strongly about is the need to be self-sustaining (as much as possible). Feeding 6 kids can get expensive; we like the idea of being able to raise and grow our own food, and we are working towards that goal. It provides the kids with an amazing learning opportunity that so many other people never have!

One of the things that opened our eyes to the problems with food production, processing, and products in America is a documentary called "Food Inc." It highlights so many issues with our food industry. I HIGHLY recommend you watch it.

So, in our effort to raise and grow our own food...

Here are the Cornish Cross Meat Chickens (as chicks) we are raising.

And, here they are just a few weeks later. They are getting big quick! 

We have gotten Nigerian rabbits that we are breeding to raise for slaughter.

We also have just gotten 5 pigs that we will breed before we take some to slaughter. We have 2 Hampshires, 1 Hampshire/Duroc, and 2 potbelly crosses (potbellies not shown in the pic).

 We also got some Rhode Island Red Chickens to breed and for brown egg laying!
And, some Baby Barred Rock/ Plymouth Rock Chicks for breeding and brown egg laying.

Last Christmas, the Yim family helped us get started with our own bee hives! What a neat learning experience for our kids!

That's the boys checking on the bee hives.  

The final product: beautiful, local, raw honey ($8 a pint, $15 a quart)

 We have experimented with making products with the wax, and we have candles and lip balms for sale too!

In addition, we have several horses. They don't make us self-sustaining, but we love them! The kids are all learning to ride! We would like to get a 4-H started, but we haven't finished looking into that. We are boarding horses at Faith Grown Farm too!

So, even though there hasn't been many posts on the blog, we have been very busy!

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