Saturday, August 20, 2011

School Starts

We have started school as of August 1st. The children seem to all be enjoying it. We have chosen My Father's World (MFW) as part of our curriculum this year, and I absolutely LOVE it! This year we are using the curriculum "Exploring Countries and Cultures" which takes us on a trip around the world. We visit countries, study their culture, listen to their music, eat their food, and the kids even have passports to document where we travel/study.

MFW is a very mission-oriented curriculum with part of the proceeds going to Bible translations. I love that the curriculum also studies missionaries in the different countries that we "travel" to, and we pray for each countries specific needs.

Even the littlest kids in the family can get in on the learning singing songs with us, coloring maps, and doing our science experiments. I am so pleased with this curriculum; this is how I have always wanted to do school!

The kids love school so much that they have been setting their alarms and getting up early to start. Markos even asks to do school on the weekends! I have been pleasantly surprised with how well it is going to home school with 6 kids at home (2 toddlers). But, I credit it 100% to God's abundant grace! Without Him, we could not do it. We start our day with focus on Him: studying His Word, thanking Him for the opportunity to home school as a family, and asking Him for strength, patience, and guidance as we school!

We are also using Abeka math, Spelling Power, Raz-Kids, Reading Eggs, Abeka ESL (for Fas), Bryce uses Rod & Staff English, and Blake does Life Pac Language Arts. We participate with a home school co-ops with New Life every other week which is more of a fun activity co-op with field days, Valentine's party, Thanksgiving feast, and so on.

With 6 kids, we knew there was no way we could do everything for every one. So, we asked each of the children to pray about what they wanted to do as an extra-curricular this year. The children have decided to give up playing a sport in exchange for music lessons. Fasika has started taking piano lessons, Blake is now taking drum lessons, and Bryce is continuing with his guitar lessons. They want to have their own band and lead praise and worship as they get older! Isn't that beautiful? I love their hearts for God!

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