Monday, April 25, 2011

11, 10, & 7yr old training for a 5K to benefit Tullo Children

‎"Compassion is not measured by how we FEEL, but by what we DO in response to how we feel." -Joseph Stowell

My oldest three children (Fasika 11yrs, Bryce 10 yrs, and Blake 7 yrs) have big, compassionate hearts. They have seen the pictures and videos of the Tullo children from the community that we are working with in Awassa, Ethiopia. They have read in the Bible where they are called to look after the needy, and they wanted to help the kids at the Tullo Kebele School. So, they, along with about 15-20 other children at Grace Community of Topsail Church, have begun training for a 5K race (yes that is 3.1 MILES!) The race is May 28th in Wilmington, NC.

We are so proud of them for their heart for the less fortunate and for their commitment and dedication to training for this race. They are taking action to do something to make a difference.

As they train for this race, they are hoping to find people to sponsor them on their run. Would you be willing to sponsor per mile, per kilometer, or just any designated amount you feel called to contribute? Any amount of money would be greatly appreciated no matter how small; and, combined with the other kids, they are hoping to make a big impact for the children of Tullo.

If you would be willing to sponsor them, you can send cash or your check (made out to "Children's Hopechest") directly to us. That way, we can collect all the money and send it in together. The check will also serve as your receipt as all donations are tax-deductible. Make sure the address on your check is correct so that Children's Hopechest can send you your official receipt.

Our address is: 214 Doral Dr. Hampstead, NC 28443

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Our kids are so excited about being able to work hard to make a difference for vulnerable children in Ethiopia and in doing so further God's kingdom. Thank you for helping them take part in this global outreach to help others in need.

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  1. This is a GREAT idea! What beautiful hearts they have!