Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Leave Tomorrow to Bring Home Our Kids!

Wow, I can't even believe it. They told us the estimated wait to bring home our kids after court was at least 2 months until embassy date.

Our court was Jan 25th. And, we just found out a couple days ago that we have an embassy appointment for MARCH 1ST!!!! Wooo hoo...Praise God!

So, I am leaving tomorrow, on my way to Ethiopia to go bring home our kids.

Please keep our family in your prayers: my kids staying home, my husband juggling it all as a single dad for the week, safe travels for me and my children, no complications with our embassy appointment, and grace...God's grace to just cover this entire process.

It will be difficult for my children to leave their friends at the orphanage that has been the only family they have known for some time. It will be hard for them to leave their country, their culture, their people. While they will no doubt be excited to go to America and to their new family, please pray for peace from them in this transition.

A week from today, we will all be home, and my entire family will be together! I can't wait!

Our flight home returns Friday, March 4th at 5:22pm. We are hoping some friends and family will come to the air port to welcome them home. So, if you are in the area, and want to come show your support and welcome Fasika & Markos off the plane...welcome them to America and to our family, we'd love for you to come out to the Wilmington Airport when our flight lands.

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  1. I think Morgan, Drake and I will try to be out there, would love to see your beautiful family come home!