Friday, January 21, 2011

On my way to meet my kids!

I'm on my way now to meet my children for the first time. I am so excited; it doesn't even feel real. I wish Dustin could come with me on this trip, but he can't. He is very sad and depressed that he can't come, but he told me to give our children big hugs and kisses from him, and I will definitely do that! I can't wait to do that!

I talked with the director of our adoption agency (Sue) and she had just sent us our first pictures of the two of you together! That was the first time we had seen you both together. She also told me that F is very excited to meet me, and had asked eagerly when I would be coming. Well, baby, it is finally time!

I had trouble packing; luckily, Dustin helped me. I had so much stuff I wanted to bring for our kids, but it wouldn't all fit.

I have been reviewing my Amharic book trying to go over some key phrases. I am bringing my dictionary too, but I assume we will mostly use charades to communicate :)

Our kids at home are so excited that I get to go meet their new brother and sister, and they made little trinkets to give to F & M.

I have arrived in Ethiopia with only a brief lay-over in Frankfurt. It was difficult to fall asleep on the plane ride, but I knew that I should get some rest. Once I fell asleep, I slept hard and even missed 2 meals :)

Now that I am here I am wide awake. I am so excited to meet my kids. It is 1:00am here in Ethiopia, so I will have to wait until the morning to meet them; it is going to be a long night!

It is quiet in my room. I felt a pange of sadness and loneliness as the reality of Dustin's absence hits me.

I haven't been able to contact my family in the US to let them know that I am here, but first thing in the morning, I am going to get a calling card for my phone and pick up some snacks for the room.

As I close my eyes, I pray for peace and rest. I give my fears and my anxiety to God and trust that He is in control, and I am filled with a sense of relief, a freedom, as I truly let it all go knowing that my Lord is with me, and through His grace it will all be fine. I can feel the effects of the many people who are praying for me and for our meeting. Thank you to each and every one of you who have been praying.

I began to drift off to sleep with a sense of peace.

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  1. as usual, I am loving following your story! you and Dustin are amazing people and your children (all of them) are so lucky to have you as parents!