Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meeting Fasika & Markos for the first time!

I awoke to my mind racing. I went through all my stuff and was just thinking about Fasika & Markos. Apparently, the peace from the night before had been replaced with a multitude of emotions.

I had set my alarm for 7:30am because I wanted to get an early start; the earlier I got up, the earlier I'd get to see my children.

I went to the store and got some extra snacks and some bottled water to drink (because you can't drink the tap water in Ethiopia). I wasn't able to get the phone card I had wanted in order to call Dustin, but I was able to send him a message online letting him know I arrived safely.

Finally, it was lunch time and the other couple was ready along with our driver to go and meet my kids!

I cried and I prayed. I was ecstatic about getting to meet my children, but I was nervous too; plus, I was sad that Dustin couldn't come.

The whole way to the transition home I prayed. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would be with us as we met and spent time together; that His presence would be felt and be a comfort. I prayed for strength to withhold emotion so I wouldn't frighten my kids with all my tears of joy. I prayed that we would all have peace and despite our inability to communicate with the same language, that we'd be able to share and express the love we felt.

We drove for what felt like FOREVER! Out towards the edge of Addis, I took pictures of the cattle and livestock on the roads.

Near the care point, there was beautiful mountains stretching up to the sky.

Finally the car stopped, and we were there. My heart pounded out of my chest and my eyes began to well up with tears.

When we walked in, there were a couple children, but neither of my children were where I could see them.

On the right there were clotheslines of children and baby clothes in the small courtyard.

As we walked in, we could see a table of young toddlers all sitting down getting ready to eat lunch.

Again, neither of my children are there. The nannies call to my children to come eat. Fasika comes around the corner first.

As she steps out into the doorway she pauses. She looks at me for only a brief second, realizes who I am, and flashes her beautiful smile. I call out her name, and she rushes over to give me a huge hug. Our embrace was powerful as I could feel a flood of emotions expressed in that hug. We hold each other and kiss one another. The smiles on our faces were huge and it was apparent the joy we both felt!

Shortly after, Markos joins our hugging with a little more hesitation at first, but I hand him his teddy bear I brought. He holds it tightly.

Hugs and kisses all around, I am giddy with joy and the nannies tell me that my children are too, though I am not sure they completely grasp the enormity of this moment.

Fasika immediately asks me about her dad and if he is coming. I have to explain through the translators that he wont be coming though he wishes he could. He sends his love and his hugs and kisses.

My kids sit down to eat their lunch. I feel as if I am floating, as if the whole experience is just a dream. I sit there next to them and watch them with their big smiles eating their lunch.

Fasika shares her injera with me. So sweet :)

After they finish eating, I walk around and take pictures of the transition house. Fasika shows me where her bed is and even poses for a picture on it.

She points to a map of the United States and points to North Carolina indicating that she knows that is where she will live with us. She then proceeds to point to different states around the U.S. and tell me which child will be living in which state. This is just the first glimpse of how intelligent she is, and it shows her care and concern for each of her friends in the orphanage.

We load up in the car and head back to our guest house. The kids jumped right in with me without any hesitation. Markos leans up close to me and I wrap my arm around him. His smile is so precious, and it just makes me melt. Markos falls asleep on my lap after awhile, and I just rub his back and smile at him sleeping so peacefully.

Fasika on the other hand it much to wired to sleep. She begins telling me all the words that she knows in English:

"Good Morning. How are you?"
"I am fine, thank you." she sings

She sings her ABC's, counts to 20, and names each of her body parts and we make faces with one another in the van.

Wow, I am so impressed. I was told that Fasika knew no English, but she is remarkably smart, and I think it is adorable that she wants to show-off all her English. I am pleasantly surprised and super impressed!

I smile as I silently praise God and give Him the glory for this wonderful blessing; thank you Lord for blessing me with these two amazing children. I am so honored and blessed to have them in my family.

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