Sunday, January 23, 2011

1st day at guest house with Fasika & Markos

When we get to the guest house and I go to move Markos from off my lap, he wakes up. We go into the room we are staying at where I show them all the toys, clothes, and pictures I brought with me. We spent awhile looking through and identifying the names of the people in the pictures.

Fasika took Markos to the bathroom talking to him in Amharic. It is so sweet how she looks after him and takes him under her wing, translating and explaining everything to him. I can already tell she is a wonderful sister, and it is obvious that Markos loves her and trusts her.

We play inside for awhile. I learn that Fasika is quite the dancer! She likes when I video tape her dancing, and she loves to play with my phone; she quickly figures out how to watch the videos on my phone and enjoys taking pictures of herself with the it too.

Both of the kids love to sing, and it is fun to listen to them both in unison. Of course, I capture it on video so that Dustin and the other kids can have a peek at their new brother and sister when I get back. They are absolutely adorable!

We take some bubbles, chalks, and balls outside to play in the beautiful weather.

Fasika seems to enjoy trying to shoot hoops with the basketball, though it is difficult with no backboard.

Markos runs around with his legs out to the side. At first, I wonder why he runs like this, but I realize it is in an effort to keep his pants up which are just way to big for him. He is smaller than I had anticipated. He is probably about 4 years old, but he wears a size 3T. Everything I brought for him was way to big for him, but he didn't seem to mind too much.

He likes to dribble the ball, and he is pretty good at it. It is hilariously adorable to watch. He especially likes when I lift him up to make a basket!

For a brief moment, I envision my newest children at home, and all of my kids playing basketball together in the front yard laughing and joking. I can't wait to have them home!

Bubbles are a big hit too, though we have to keep them outside because we keep spilling them :)

There are two other 3-year-old twin girls here, and Markos likes playing with and talking with them. He even gave them a kiss! He doesn't want to share his toys though, and he tries to hold on to all of his toys at the same time which is super funny! So, he's tring to hold 2 balloons, a ball, bubbles, and his stuffed bear I gave him that never leaves his side. The bear is already fairly dirty as he has shared a lollipop with it and got paint on it when he got into the paint I brought.

Balloons are another big hit for Markos. He loves them. Blowing them up, letting them going whizzing around the room. Or, he will have me blow them up and then pinch them to make a horrific, loud screeching noise (over and over) which mesmerizes him. Then, there is the classic game we all enjoyed playing where we hit the balloon around in the air from one person to another.

We colored for a bit, and I learned my children's favorite colors. Fasika likes red, Markos likes yellow, and I tell them that I like green. Fasika points out that those are the colors of Ethiopia! :)

The staff at the guest house fix us a traditional Ethiopian dinner and it was DELICIOUS! Markos had me feed him, and Fasika had 3 helpings! They were HUNGRY!

We also played with play-dough together, and I got to see their silly side :)

One of the other families brought a DS which Fasika liked.

I will definitely bring one for the plane ride home next time I come.

Our driver bought us some Ethiopian music CD's & DVD's. Fasika really enjoys them, but doesn't care for American cartoons (Disney and such).

We get showers and into pajamas. Fasika tells me she wants me to do her hair, so I try to braid it for her. I know how to french braid, but I have never tried to do it in rows before. She waits patiently for me as I try. It takes me awhile, but it comes out okay. She looks gorgeous no matter what.

While I did Fasika's hair, Markos entertained us (and himself) with tossing the balloon around, drawing, and "reading" books.

After that, I painted Fasika's nails and read both the kids "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom." That book was a good choice as they both really liked the rhythm and the fact that they knew the letters gave them a sense of confidence and familiarity. After we read the book, Markos kept saying "Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom."

I gave them both big hugs (as I had done frequently through the day) and told them how much I love them.

It was difficult to whined down after such an eventful day, but Markos was obviously exhausted having taken only a short nap. Still, Markos thought it was funny when I tried to tell him in Amharic that it was bed-time. Fasika scolded him for laughing and playing, but he thought that was funny too. He laid in bed, fidgeting for some time all the while holding his bear tightly in his arms. He drifted off to sleep, every once in awhile whispering in a barely audible voice, "Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom."

I rubbed Fasika's back, and it wasn't long after that Fasika joined her brother in dreamland.

And so, our first day together draws to a close, but it is only the beginning. There will be a lifetime of days together :) Sleep well my little angels. Thank you Lord for placing them in our family!