Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seeking Sponsorship

"And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me." (Matthew 18:5)

We are working on finding sponsorship for the many children at the Tullo Kebele School in Awassa, Ethiopia. I want you to meet one of them:

This is Safaye Gabiso. She is an 8 year old girl at Tullo. Safaye is a true orphan; both her parents are deceased, (but she is not adoptable). Therefore, she needs a sponsor to ensure that she will have food, education, and discipleship.

You can give her a hope for the future.

Can you share your love with her? Would you like to write her a letter or send her a package to let her know that someone cares about her?

Will you answer the call to sponsor Safaye? The cost for you to sponsor her is $34 a month, but your monthly contribution to her will be invaluable; you will give Safaye hope that will change her life forever.

"One Hundred Years From Now
It will not matter
what kind of car I drove,
what kind of house I lived in,
how much money I had
in my bank account, nor
what my clothes looked like.
But the world may be
a little better because
I was important in
the life of a child." -Margaret Fishback Powers

Email me for more information about sponsoring Safaye or another child:

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