Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How do you fit LOVE in a ziploc bag?

We are so fortunate to have an opportunity to send a package to F and M for Christmas! It just so happens that the director of our adoption agency is traveling, and is going to deliver our packages to our children. We are allowed to send each of our children a ziploc baggie of presents.

So, then the question becomes, "How do you fit Love in a ziploc bag?"

Now, when Dustin met F, she had 2 requests (after making sure that Dustin was a Christian as she wanted to be adopted by a Christian family :)

Her one request was for a white cat (which Dustin brought home from a pet store shortly after returning from Ethiopia).

Her other request was for an Amharic Bible as they only have one at the orphanage that all the children have to share. So, that was a must for her package!

Dustin's brother has a marine in his unit who is from Ethiopia! The marine's name is Tegegn, and he was so kind as to translate a letter that we wrote into Amharic so we could include it in F's package. We are so grateful to Tegegn for doing this for us as it allowed me to "talk" with our daughter for the first time! Thank you Tegegn!

Neither Dustin or I have had the opportunity to meet M yet. He does not speak Amharic either, he speaks a tribal language; therefore, we are unable to translate his letter for him. However, when Sue is there, she will be there with a translator; so, hopefully, she will be able to read it to him.

We created a photo album for each of them and labeled each of our pictures in Amharic and in English. In their packages, we included pictures of our house, our family, our dog, and F's white cat. In their packages we put crayons, coloring books, clothes, stickers, balls, bubbles,... etc.

We are hoping they will be together for Christmas, but don't know if that will happen. Currently, they are in separate locations, hours apart. In fact, they do not even speak the same language. They will at least be brought together when I go for court at the end of January.

My prayer is for safe travels for Kelly and Sue as they travel to bring our children their first Christmas presents. I pray that God will be with them both as they bring our children our packages sent with love.

For my children that I have yet to meet, you are already etched into my heart and I love you! I cannot imagine what you have endured, the loss you have suffered, the fear you experience, the anxiety, the unknowns, but I pray for peace for you, peace in knowing that God has placed you in our family, and we are coming for you.

"God sets the lonely in families..." (Psalms 68:6)

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  1. This is an awesome post. I LOVE this journey we are on!!