Monday, September 20, 2010

The men are on their way to Awassa, Ethiopia

The men from Starved 4 Hope departed yesterday on their trip to Awassa, Ethiopia. They are traveling with Hope Chest and are planning on visiting several different care points (some sponsored, some not).

I am so excited for them as they begin this journey. I am eager to hear all about their experiences, to hear about the children, and to see the pictures. Once the men return, we will be preparing a launch at some local churches to share their testimony, and give people the opportunity to see what our organization is doing in Ethiopia and locally. If you have a church community you would like them to speak at, please contact us (

At our launch party, we will have geniuine articles from Ethiopia that can be purchased as a fundraising opportunity as well! Most importantly, we will have the profiles of all 160+ children, so that we can find sponsorship for them. We need to have at least 100 of the children sponsored before we can start the feeding program. More details about the launch party after the men return.

While they are are in Ethiopia, we covet your prayers. We pray that the men will have safe travels. We pray that God will give them men wisdom to know what to say to glorify Him; that God will prepare the hearts of those who the men come into contact with that they will receive God's message. We pray that this entire trip will be a blessing for the Starved 4 Hope ministries; that we will gather the necessary information, make the right contacts, and plant seeds for God's work to be done. We ask that all that is done be for the glory of Him.

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  1. PRAYING!!!!!! So exciting to see God working, and we cannot wait to hear about their experiences when they get back!