Thursday, September 23, 2010

Direction revealed

Dustin and Don have arrived safely in Ethiopia. I have gotten to talk to Dustin for only briefly, but all is well.

He said the Hope Chest staff is wonderful, and the others who are there for the mission trip are a great group of people; he feels blessed to be a part of this mission.

(Dustin will be posting details of their trip on the blog after he returns.)

As we said earlier, Dustin and I were in prayer about our adoption process. On our brief phone conversations and email correspondance, we discussed that we were both feeling led to the older girl we had seen on the waiting child list; however, we remained in prayer about it.

Then,God intervened and made His direction clear. While in Ethiopia, God afforded Dustin an amazing opportunity to meet the little girl (F) we were in prayer about. Dustin was in the capital (Addis Abba), and Celebrate Children International (the adoption agency that had the waiting child) had a staff member in country that was able to organize a trip for Dustin and Don to go to the orphanage where F was. It was a 2 hour drive.

Once this opportunity was revealed, it was clear that F was to be our daughter. So, Dustin and Don made the drive out to her orphanage, and I waited here in the states in prayer and anticipation.

(Dustin will be posting about meeting our daughter F for the first time)

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