Thursday, August 5, 2010

Faith + Action = Starved 4 Hope

As I have expressed in previous postings, our trip to Ethiopia has changed us forever. The images and circumstances that we witnessed are forever etched on our hearts, and we cannot dismiss them or ignore them. We know that God is calling us to action.

Our eyes are opened Lord. We have seen the despair and the destitution, but what would You have us to do? The needs are so great, and we are so small!

The answer to these questions is clear; the Lord is our strength, and though we cannot do it alone, through Him all things are possible. (Phil 4:13, Mark 10:27).

After a great deal of prayer, a direction was revealed to us, and we are putting our faith into action; afterall, faith without action is dead (James 2:17).

Dustin and I could not ignore God’s call to defend the fatherless and bring His truth and love to all people. God placed in our lives another couple (Don & Natalie Jenkins) whose hearts were aligned with ours in a desire to answer God’s call.

Together, we are creating a non-profit organization called “Starved 4 Hope” Ministries. The inspiration for our name came from the fact that these people are starving both literally and figuratively. These children are being deprived of the food their bodies physically need, along with being starved of the hope that comes from a relationship with the Almighty God. We see this organization as an invaluable opportunity to minister to these hurt and discouraged children and their communities, filling them with the truths of God’s Word.

In what is often referred to as “The Great Commission,” Jesus commands us to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:19). Jesus commands us as His followers to go forth into the world and spread the news of salvation through Christ Jesus!

Starved 4 Hope Ministries is an effort to respond to Jesus’ command. We recently filed the paperwork with the IRS for our 501 c 3 status, and we are currently working on our website ( ).

Our mission is to answer the call from God to take care of His people, to defend the fatherless, and bring His truth to the ends of the earth.

While we envision local missions in the future, our initial focus is a care point in Ethiopia. We are partnering with Hope Chest and have taken over as coordinators of the Tullo care point in Awassa, Ethiopia, which means we are in charge of finding sponsors for approximately 166 orphans.

Sponsorship meets both the physical and spiritual needs of the orphans at the care point. Not only will the children be fed with food, but they will also be receiving nourishment for their soul through discipleship and biblical teachings, all while experiencing the demonstration of God’s love through the contributions of Christians around the world. Sponsorship costs $34 a month, and we are asking for a one year commitment (you may pay for the entire year up front if that is more convenient).Sponsors will also be able to correspond with their children via letters and/or send packages to them when we travel.

While we recognize the importance of food for those that are hungry, the Bible tells us “…man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD.” (Deut. 8:3).

Therefore, our goal is to provide these children and their community with the sustenance that their body needs while also providing them with the Word of the Lord. Jesus tells us that through Him, our hunger will be satiated and our thirst quenched (John 6:35).

We will also be coordinating yearly mission trips to visit the care point, sharing God’s love with the children, and spreading the Word of God to those who so desperately need it.

Dustin and Don have already purchased plane tickets and will be traveling in September to Ethiopia for their vision trip. There they will be able to visit with the children, share the Gospel with the children, and find out what their greatest needs are.

Once all the children have been sponsored, we hope to continue to raise funds to provide them with clean drinking water, medical treatment, and education to give them tools to break the cycle of poverty all while ministering to them and equipping them with God’s Word which brings hope.

There will be many opportunities for you to be a part of our global mission. Please pray about what aspect God would place on your heart to assist us with on this mission. Could you sponsor a child? Will you pray for our organization and our mission? Could you help us fund raise? Would you be able to provide us with a monetary contribution? Would you like to join us on a mission trip?

Opportunities for involvement are endless! Join in answering God’s call to put faith into action through Starved 4 Hope Ministries! We are so blessed to be a part of God’s work. We are excited to see everyone come together for the glory of God! Please contact us if you have an interest in being a part of this mission!
Thanks, Andrea

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  1. Andrea - I love seeing how God is leading you on this journey of love and compassion to the least of these! I happen to believe that the "least of these" are very close to God's heart and when you care for them, you are coming close to the heart of God! Praying for you! Karen Wistrom