Saturday, August 7, 2010

About Children's Hope Chest & Starved 4 Hope

Children's Hope Chest (CHC) is an evangelical christian organization that was founded in 1994. Children's Hope Chest is a wonderful, trustworthy organization.

Starved 4 Hope (S4H) is a separate, Christian, non-profit organization that has partnered with Hope Chest to work as the liason/coordinator of the Tullo Care Point in Awassa, Ethiopia.

S4H is in charge of finding sponsors for the children at Tullo. We will also be maintaining communication for sponsors to update them on projects and any changes. We advocate for the children at Tullo. We will also be cordinating the mission trips to visit the care point annually (though logistically we will utilize Hope Chest's contacts/accommodations). In addition, S4H will organize fundraisers for capital projects at Tullo(with all of your help of course) :)

Children's Hope Chest will ensure that money donated and raised is being utilized as it should be (ie. capital projects funds, sponsored children being fed, etc) Hope Chest works in multiple countries and has in-country staff, translators, drivers, and so on. Their organization is well-established and has a system in place to coordinate the logistics of everything that they do.

All Funds received for Tullo Kebele will go directly to Hope Chest. Starved 4 Hope does not take any cut of that money. Starved 4 Hope is doing it completely as volunteers. Children's HopeChest is 501c3 non-profit, so all donations to them for Tullo Kebele are tax-deductible.

Children's HopeChest policy is ATLEAST 80% if all funds go to the mission with never more than 20% spent on administrative fees, salaries, etc. LAST YEAR HOPECHEST ONLY USED 15% of funds that came in for administrative fees, being able to put 85% of the money into the mission!

Starved 4 Hope would like to have additional outreach programs and mission fields in the future (which is why we went ahead and formed our organization). However, currently, our focus is Tullo. And, Tullo will always be a priority to us as we are committed to that community forever.

For more information you can also go to and If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me:

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