Sunday, July 4, 2010

One Month Home

Wow, I can't believe it has already been a month home! The time has flown by! Things are going wonderfully, and we are all enjoying our summer vacation. Hanging out with friends and playing in the pool.

We have changed the spelling of Marya's name to Mariya, as it is more phonetically accurate (and those who cannot/do not roll the "r" to make the "d" sound can just say "Mar-ee-ya." Amharic has a different letter system than the English language, so her name was actually spelled several different ways on her paperwork. This 'new' spelling is how we will have it on her re-adoption paperwork.

So much has happened in a month! Mariya is completely potty trained, and Audriana is close! We have spent a lot of time in the bathroom this month, but it will be nice to be completely out of diapers!

Mariya and Audriana are so entertaining, and much of my day is spent just watching them interact; it's hilarious! Audriana will dump out a bucket of toys and Mariya will look disapprovingly at her and scold her, "Aud-ri-ana." Mariya will then proceed to pick everything back up. They both think they are in charge of each other.

If I pick one of them up the other one will say "My turn, My turn." They are both using words now if the other one "steals" the other's toys or sippy cup (rather than just screaming at one another); they will say "Mine, gimme." The other day Mariya started saying "I like it" and "I want it." I know....I'm thoroughly impressed too!

Both boys are so sweet with the girls, and the girls love them so much! The girls enjoy climbing up next to the boys on the couch and bringing books to them to have the boys read to them. The girls try to do handstands (looks more like downward-dog yoga move), flips (they both can do this now on their own, but they are a little lop-sided), and splits (v-shaped legs) like their brother Blake's gymnastics. The boys have been SO helpful with cleaning up and watching the girls while I cook dinner or take a shower. My boys help make my life so much easier! Plus, they have stepped up with helping with more chores now too. The other day Bryce emptied the dishwasher because when he went to get cereal he saw it needed to be done (without being asked)!

It is no wonder the boys are so awesome; they have a wonderful role model, my husband who always helps out in so many ways. He notices things that need to get done, and takes the iniciative to do them. It is such a pleasant surprise to wake up to a clean kitchen even though I left the dishes in the sink when we went to bed. Or to come home to find all the laundry done and put away! I know I am blessed (and a little spoiled)!

We went to Charlotte this month to the Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark for Blake's birthday which was a blast! We met up with my brother-in-law and his family, so the older boys went off on their own on the water rides. Audriana and Mariya played in the fountains and shallow pools. Mariya truly thinks she can swim, and just throws herself face first into the water with no fear; Audriana exhibits a much more cautious approach.

We also enjoyed getting together with some extended family for Jeanette's baby shower in NC.

Although I knew that Mariya would lose her Amharic & Tigrinya lanuages, it is still sad to see her native language disappear.She no longer calls a car "Mah-kee-nah" or shoes "Toh-ma." My favorite word she lost was something she would say when something was messy, dirty, or she was upset about something, and it sounded like "BOO-YAHT." Although I still don't know what it ment, it was adorable the tone infliction that accompanied this word.

However,the English that Mariya has picked up is phenomenal. I think it helps that Audriana is so vocal. Mariya copies everything Audri says even immitating the tone inflictions (she copies everything we say too for that matter). Audriana can sing her whole ABC's now, and Mariya is up to "G!"

Mariya can identify and name parts of her body: nose, ears, eyes, teeth, tounge, head, shoulders, feet, toes, belly, butt, and so on. Plus, she can count to 5! She is SO SMART!

Both my girls are musically inclined. They enjoy singing and dancing. I should video tape them singing "Monkeys in the Tree" or "Wheels on the Bus" and post it because it is absolutely precious! My boys are musical too. Bryce plays guitar, and Blake is learning drums. Both boys enjoy singing in their karoake machine, and want to have their own band.

Both girls LOVE books and pretend to read. At bedtime, they will remind me to read them a book, and they spend a few minutes "reading" to themselves before they go to sleep. Mariya also reminds me to do prayers; after we finish reading, she closes her eyes and says "Amen." Makes me feel like I am doing something right!

It is as if Mariya has always been here, and I can't even imagine our lives without her. The transition has been wonderful, only some minimal issues to work though. I attribute the smooth transition to the many prayers of everyone. So, Thank you.


  1. I hope you don't mind, I am going to share and sort of promote this blog! This is such a beautiful and precious story and I want to share it with everyone. I know you stay busy, but when Morgan gets back home with Drake, I would love to meet up with you sometime and meet the newest members of the family and let Drake play with the girls (he LOVES playing with kids). I can't say it enough, you are wonderful parents and you have an amazing family!

  2. I also need to get in touch with you about the books, Drake loves books and can't get enough of them!

  3. Beautiful post. Such a beautiful family!