Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Week Home

Things have gone so much better than we could have hoped for. We are truly blessed. The boys are a huge help (especially when I had to take everyone to the grocery store this morning as Dustin left to Vegas for work).

Marya is picking up English amazingly fast. My favorite word she says is "please," because it sounds so cute; she says, "puh-lease." (Almost like a whisper) It's adorable.

We are always modeling words for her when she wants something or is frustrated, which seems to be helping her figure out how to express what she wants. It didn't take her long to learn "Mine!" (every toddler's favorite word!)

Oh, and I forgot to mention, that in the last couple of days Marya has started telling me that she needs to use the potty, and only has about one accident a day! Woo-hoo, maybe I will get both of these girls potty trained here before the summer is over!

Yes, there are some transitional issues that we continue to work on. The most difficult is that both girls do not want me to leave their sight. Although one may think that would be endearing, it can also be frustrating if you have to go to the bathroom or just want a second of alone time. However, I understand why they worry about me leaving, and I know it is just a matter of time until they both know that I will always come back.

Thursday of this week, Dustin stayed home with the girls so that I could take the boys to Blake's gymnastics, and then out to a special dinner with just me. The girls were fine for Dustin; they only cried for the first few minutes I was gone.

We have almost mastered a bedtime routine (as much as one can be mastered).

We still have issues where the girls get jealous if mommy picks up one of them and not the other, but these things are pretty typical with the arrival of a new child. Soon enough they will realize, we have plenty of love to go around; there is no shortage of love in this house!

Of course there are the other typical sibling conflicts like wanting the toy the other child has and not wanting to share. But, all in all they are very minimal issues. The girls are getting along like best friends. If one cries, the other one tries to console her or bring her things (toys, blankets).

They are starting to share, and it is absolutely adorable how they talk to one another in their own little languages. They both sound so animated, and they babble back and forth like they actually understand what the other one is saying!

The other day the two of them played in the "kitchen" making food for each other for what seemed like forever.

We discovered that both of the girls LOVE water (just like their brothers who live in the pool). Whether it is in the bath or in the pool outside; both girls are definitely water babies. Works for me! I love just hanging outside with the kids!

The girls loved splashing around in the water. Marya would dump the water on her face; she thought it was hilarious, and I must say Dustin and I agreed. She didn't even close her eyes or her mouth, and she would just do it over and over again. She also loved putting her face in the water and blowing bubbles. Our little girl is going to be a fish like her brothers!


  1. Andrea - I can't believe you have only been home for about a week! What amazing photos - everyone looks like they are transitioning so well! Yes - there will be tough days - but the good far outweigh the bad! You have a BEAUTIFUL family! blessings - Karen Wistrom

  2. I remember Marya from Mekele when we traveled in January. She had just arrived and we were told that she had been abandoned. Our hearts just broke for her. It is so, so good to see that she is home in her loving family's arms.

    Jessica Irvin