Friday, May 21, 2010

We are off....

Luggage is checked in; one of the bags was exactly 50 lbs (max allowance). So, we are waiting at the airport to start our journey to our daughter.

Dustin and I are filing the waiting time at the airport with reading. I wonder what Alanah Marya will think of flying? I imagine what our meeting will be like. I have learned some phrases in my Amharic book to tell her I'm her mommy and that I love her. I can't wait to hug and kiss her.

It is so close now, meeting my daughter, and I am so excited that it is difficult to think about anything else; I find myself re-reading the same sentence in my book over and over.

This past week as travel time approached, I kept thinking: the next time I go to church I will have 4 kids with me, the next time I give Audri a bath she'll be able to play with her sister in the tub,...

I spoke with my dad before leaving Dulles and he informed me that when Audriana woke up this morning she said "Mommy go bye-bye." I talked with her the night before I left, but I am not sure how much she understood. Apparently, she remembered that I had to leave. I told her that I had to go get her sister. Although Audriana knows Alanah Marya's picture, and she knows the bed in the room is Alanah's, but i ti s impossible to know how much she actually comprehends.

I can't wait until all the kids get to meet each other. Alanah will probably be a little overwhelmed because Bryce, Blake, and Audriana can get loud and crazy when they get excited. The boys have expressed how excited they are to meet Alanah. Bryce has even tried to learn some Amharic! :)

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