Monday, May 3, 2010

Embassy Date of May 26th

We received our official embassy date of May 26th! So, now we have an actual date of when we get to go and get our daughter! Words cannot express how excited we are!

We have purchased the tickets that we have had on hold for over a week awaiting the official date, and now we have it!

We will be leaving out on May 21st! We will be traveling to Mekele before we get to meet our daughter. Mekele is where the care center is located at that Alanah Marya spent the majority of her time. We will be bringing the donations we have collected to the care center (we will take lots of pictures :).

It's a reality now; less than 3 weeks away until we travel to Ethiopia to bring out daughter home.

My dad is coming down to North Carolina to stay with Bryce, Blake, and Audriana while we travel (thanks a bunch Dad!). It will be difficult for the kids as we have never been away from them for such a long time, but we have explained the reasoning to them; the boys understand it is to go and get their sister; they have the dates marked on a calendar to count down til they meet their new sister. However, Audriana is really too young to comprehend it. Hopefully, having the boys home will help Audriana maintain some normalacy while we are away.

Now, we are just finishing up getting the things together we need for the trip. We still need to get some of the additional shots that are required and organize our stuff. Luckily, IAG sent us a checklist of what to pack, and there are some other families that gave us suggestions.

We have had the donations laid out on the bed for weeks now as we have been collecting stuff to bring. Thank you again to everyone that contributed. If anyone still wanted to send any more donations, please do so soon so that we can get our stuff packed. We want to start getting everything ready to go!

Packages have already started arriving from other IAG families so that we can take over a little bag of joy and love to their waiting children. I feel blessed that we are able to do this for other families because so many families before us brought our little Marya packages.

3 weeks....let the count down begin!

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  1. All of this excites me! You cannot imagine!

    also - i am pleased you are getting the necessary shots/meds to travel! yippee~!