Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The next day

Marya woke up a little groggy the next morning. She scanned the room and looked at us a little confused. "Good morning Marya!" we greeted her "We love you" We told her as we rubbed her back.

We showed Marya the photo album that we brought, and she repeated the names of our other children; she said "Au-dri-ana" perfectly, and gave each of the kids a kiss! She even called Sadie a "dog!" (which she remembered from yesterday). She is SO smart!

I can't wait until we get home and Marya gets to meet Bryce, Blake, and Audriana, and they get to meet her. Every time I talk to the kids on the phone, Blake asks to talk to Marya; isn't that cute?

We got Marya up and dressed and she didn't want us to do her hair, so we didn't mess with it.

For breakfast she ate 3 more bananas and some french toast. Our little girl is a big eater (just like her mommy and Blake).

After breakfast, we played outside for awhile. We played with balloons, trucks, chalks, and of course bubbles. She is too cute with the bubbles; she can blow them herself, but most of the time it seems like she is getting more of the bubbles in her mouth!

We got more smiles today, and more of Marya's emerging personality. When she is happy, you can't help but be happy too. However, when she is upset, everyone knows it.

One of the nanny's came to visit the guest house, and just as you might imagine triggered an emotional response from Marya. So, we decided to retreat to our room, again. Marya calmed down, and then fell asleep on my back again.

For snack, we introduced peanut butter. It was hilarious! Marya really liked it, but she couldn't seem to grasp the concept that you bite the cracker; instead, she preferred to use her finger to scrape the peanut butter off and lick it (having us refill the cracker when the peanut butter was gone).

We tried to play outside with the other children, but being a two year old, Marya wanted whatever the other kids were playing with, and didn't want to share her toys. This behavior is pretty typical, but talking through it logically is a little more challenging with a language barrier. So, we found it easier to just avoid the issues, and play in our room with her.

In the afternoon, we took the kids to the "post office" to shop. I am not sure why they call it that, but it is a little market area where we got some traditional Ethiopian clothes and some souvenirs. Marya was completely content in my sling just checking out all that was happening at the post office. In the car, she danced to the music that came on the radio.

For dinner, it was vegetable pizza, which they put green beans on (I thought that was odd, but surprisingly, it was delicious!). Then, it was our bedtime routine of bath, lotion, book, prayers, and sleep! Another day in Ethiopia done.

We did have some melt downs today, but they are getting shorter and farther apart. Marya started calling us Mommy and Daddy today! YEAHEE!

Unfortunately, we found out today that there is an error in our embassy paperwork. Tomorrow morning is out embassy appointment, but when the in-country staff member looked over our paper one last time, he found a discrepancy. Apparently there are some inconsistencies with the dates, and we must fill out the paperwork again with an October 7th, 2008 birth date instead of a June 7th, 2008 birth date. It really isn't a huge deal, but we know that it isn't accurate, as Marya is too advanced to only be 18 months old. Still, we must conform to the countries required paperwork. We will be able to adjust the birth date when we file re adoption paperwork from within the United States, so long as we have a doctor's letter justifying the change.

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