Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WE PASSED COURT!!!! Officially a family of 6!!!!

Praise God! We just got word from our adoption agency that we have passed court, and Alanah Marya is officially our daughter! We are SO excited! The boys were jumping up and down when they found out, and I cried tears of joy! It almost doesn't seem real!

Thank you so very much everyone for all of your prayers. We know that so many of you lifted up our family and our adoption process, and we are so thankful for your thoughts and prayers.

Dustin and I were just discussing this morning with eachother (before we knew the results) that we were at peace with the decision whichever way it went. If we hadn't passed court, we knew that we would eventually, God willing. We knew that we had given it up to God, and that worrying and stressing about it would not help in any way. However, there was still a twinge of anxiety and excitment that would make my heart race each time the phone rang this morning as we awaited the results.

When Jim (the Adoption Agency Director) called, he was obviously surprised with the calm in my voice as he questioned if I knew that we had our court case today. Of course I knew, I explained that we just hadn't wanted to get our hopes up too high to be disappointed. He informed me that it was okay to get our hopes up because we passed! In fact, he told me that we were the only family that did pass (of 6 other families).

Although I am ecstatic about our success in court, my heart also goes out to all the other families with less than positive news. We ask that you pray for them and for all families in the adoption process, so that they can bring their children home.

So, what happens to us now?

1. The judge must issue a formal decree.
2. The formal decree allows our agency to apply for a birth certificate for Alanah.
3. The birth certificate allows them to apply for Alanah's Ethiopian passport.
4. After her passport is received, everything must be translated into English.
5. All the paperwork is then submitted to the Embassy who then sets up her medical appointment.
6. Once the results are back from her medical exam, the Embassy will set up a date for us to come. (the Embassy requires at least 2 weeks for this).

So, Jim told us that we have two possible Embassy dates: May 12th or May 26th (but he said to plan on May 26th). We will have to be in Ethiopia on our Embassy date, so once we get that date (officially), we will know when we travel over there to meet our daughter and bring her home!

Our adoption agency is going to compile a wish list (at our request) of what the care center in Ethiopia is in need of. We will make that list available in case anyone would like to collect or donate stuff for us to bring to the orphans that are still in Ethiopia when we travel.

Words cannot express how excited and happy we are!

Thank you again for your prayers. Please continue to keep our family and our adoption journey in your prayers as the paperwork is completed and we travel to bring our daughter Alanah Marya home!

We love you Alanah! We will be there soon! We can't wait to meet you and give you hugs and kisses!

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