Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Donations and Care Center Wish List

We have already had some of our friends and family members express a desire to make donations to the orphans, and we are grateful for your generosity.

Per our request, our Adoption agency, International Adoption Guides (IAG) responded with the following information regarding what we could bring for the care centers and the children in their care:

"The simple answer to the question of what to bring for donations is anything
and everything as they have very little over there, especially in Mekele."

One main thing the agency reminded us was that we will have to carry all donations over there as we cannot ship anything prior to travel. Airlines allow us only (2) 50 lb bags per ticketed passenger (plus a 15 lb carry-on).

Therefore, the easiest donations for us to bring would be a cash/check donation. If you write a check you can make it out to International Adoption Guides (and they are non-profit, so it is tax-deductible).

Please send the checks directly to us, that way we can submit all the checks together to IAG and ensure that IAG gives us access to the money while we are in Ethiopia to buy supplies. If you make the choice to do this, we will use the money once we get over there to buy supplies for the care centers (we will post a list/pictures of supplies purchased so that you can see what we were able to get as a result of your contributions).

If you do not have any funds to donate or if you would prefer to donate actual items, the following is a list from our agency of things that are currently in high demand at the care centers:

1. Shoes - size 2 to 8, sandal or Croc type are preferred.
2. Infant clothing - newborn to 8 months ONLY
3. All things infant related - infant Tylenol, baby powder, diaper rash
cream, oragel, blankets, baby oil, shampoo, etc. NO Pacifiers
4. Instructional school items and simple games for children age 4 to 8
5. Soccer ball, basketball, or other multi player kid outdoor games

(Please make sure any clothing items are "consignment store" quality; this is so they will be able to get the most use out of them!)

We are trying to get Soccer balls at cost to bring over with us if you would like to purchase one. There is also a Wish List of some books on my website: if you would like to purchase any of those please have them delivered to my address, so I can bring them with us. The wish list is under my email address of: the password is: ethiopia

Dustin and I would like to bring as much as we can over to the care centers. Even though our daughter will no longer be in their care, we are forever indebted to them for the care they provided to her. In addition, there are many other orphan children that will benefit from these donations currently, and in years to come.

We would like to thank each and every one of you in advance for your generosity. May you be blessed!

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