Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Court Tomorrow....Prayers Please!

Tomorrow is our court date. However, since Ethiopia is 7 hours ahead of time, when we get up in the morning of the 7th, it will already be determined whether or not we have passed court for Alanah M.

Therefore, we ask for your prayers; we pray that all our paperwork is complete and to the satisfaction of the judge so that we can pass court on the first try. If we do not pass, we will await another court date.

Easter was bitter sweet as we watched our children happily go through their Easter baskets, search the yard for Easter eggs, play kickball as a family, dress-up for church, and take family pictures all the while knowing that one of our children was missing; there is an emptiness and a longing in my heart, and I cannot wait to bring Alanah home.

A family traveling to Mekele has offered to deliver another package to Alanah, and we have sent it off to them (thank you Amy). It has an Usborne book, bubbles, a toothbrush, a ball, granola bars, and a couple other miscellaneous toys. It is nice to be able to know that Alanah is getting packages from us, letting her know that we are thinking of her and that we love her; that her forever family is out there, and we are coming for her.

I will post once I know the results of court!

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