Thursday, April 22, 2010

Court Decree Complete...Moved to Addis

Yesterday, we found out that our court decree has been finalized by the judge (although we passed court on the 7th of April, we had to have the finalized paperwork completed before they can do anything else).

If you look at my previous post, it shows what all still needs to happen before we can go get Alanah Marya; the court decree is the first of 6 things that needs to happen. However, it is a step in the right direction! Every day is one day closer to when we get to go get our baby girl, and time can't pass by fast enough!

Also, we just found out today that Alanah Marya has been moved to the Addis Care Center as of last Wednesday. That is the care center in the capital where they move the children to prior to when they are picked up! So, that is just another sign that the time is getting close!!!

The nurse there informed our Adoption Agency that Marya is doing well with the adjustment! :)

Still do not have an official Embassy appointment, but we are still hopeful of the May 26th date as a travel day.

We have reserved plane tickets for that time-frame, but we will not purchase them until we have an official date.

The boys have taken their end of the year tests, and we are trying to finish up school work; that way, when Alanah Marya comes home we can just play and enjoy our time without trying to fit in school!

Although they do not have official birth records in Ethiopia, they have estimated Alanah Marya's date of birth to be some time in June of 2008 (based on size, development,and so on). So, we actually got to choose a birth date for her which was a very unusual experience as it wasn't an option for any of my other children.

We decided to have her birthday be the 7th of June. That makes her birthday 06-07-08! That seems like a very auspicious date! Plus, if we end up with our May 26th Embassy appointment we are hoping for, we would get to celebrate Alanah Marya's 2nd birthday shortly after bringing her home!

Since the birth date is an estimate, we will be able to adjust it when we do our re-adoption paperwork within the states if we think that she is much older or younger than the estimation.

Stay posted for more updates as the time approaches for our trip!

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