Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Incomprehensible numbers

I know I have mentioned this before, but it has been weighing heavy on my heart; so, I feel it is worth mentioning again.

Lately, my heart has ached more than normal as I think of them many orphans there are in the world. There is an estimated 147 million orphans world-wide. You may have heard this number before, but if you are anything like me the number is too large to comprehend. So, I began thinking of how I could put it in perspective, and here is what I found:

I had been discussing some possible fund raisers for orphan ministries and adoption funds, and the idea to have a race came to mind. I thought, what if we did a race that represented the millions of orphans rather than a traditional distance. I started with feet. If every orphan child was represented by a foot, how far would you have to walk/run to represent 147 million orphans. That translates to a staggering 27,841 miles! Wow, Okay, that's not do-able...what about centimeters? If each centimeter represented an orphan in the world, it would stretch about 913.5 miles. Yikes, I started to get overwhelmed. One more try....what about millimeters? Millimeters are tiny! Surely we could walk/run 147 million millimeters, right? We would have to walk over 91 miles! Now that number puts it into perspective for me and hurts my heart. I am filled with such sadness.

There are so many orphans. I pray for them, for all of them. For the situations that brought them to where they are. I pray for their future, that God will comfort them, and they will know his love. I pray for awareness of others and acknowledgement of the severity of the numbers.I pray that people are moved and will do something....anything to help.

"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you."- John 14:18

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