Sunday, March 21, 2010

Got a Court Date

Praise: We received our court date! Yeahee! The director called us Friday and informed us that we finally received a court date. It is April 7th! Plus, he informed us that we will NOT have to travel to the court date! So, everything has worked out. Praise God!

Now, what does this court date mean? Well, on April 7th, if the judge is content with all our paperwork, and he approves our case, Alanah M will legally be our daughter! We are praying that all the paperwork will be to the judge's satisfaction! If this is the case, we will then await an Embassy appointment date (usually 4-6 weeks after passing court). Once we receive that Embassy date, we will be able to make travel arrangements (as we must be in Ethiopia for the Embassy appointment).

There is also the very real possibility that the judge will not approve the paperwork, or that the paperwork will be incomplete. There are numerous reasons this can occur, but one of the most common things is a missing MOWA letter. The MOWA is the Ministry of Women's Affairs which is a part of the Ethiopian government that reviews documentation and must submit a letter of approval. We have no control over whether this letter will be there when our case goes to court on the first occasion. (It is about a 50/50 chance).

If our case does not get approved on the first try, we will be issued another court date (where hopefully any discrepancies will be remedied).

Please continue to pray for this adoption process. Look for new information on the 7th of April!

On a positive note, we got to send another package for Alanah M with a family traveling.

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  1. We are waiting right along with you! Praying that we all pass on April 7th!

    Sarah (same agency)