Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Now...we wait

Well, we heard that our Dossier left D.C. for Ethiopia Tuesday of last week, and it should be arriving this week. So, once it is there, it has to be translated. That can take approximately 2-4 weeks. At which point, the adoption agency petitions for a court date. We should get a court date 4-6 weeks from that point.

This means: we wont have any news for about 6-8 weeks when we find out when our court date is! (The court date could be a couple weeks from when we find out or it could be a couple months!)

Yesterday, we drove to Raleigh to get fingerprinted at USCIS (immigrations). Now that that is done; we wait on the official form from USCIS, and we have nothing to do but wait and pray.

There have been a couple families on the IAG yahoo group that have traveled to Mekele which is where the care center is that our daughter is at. So, we have been given new photographs of our little girl and even a couple videos of the orphanage where we can see her and even hear her!

It has been so wonderful to get a little glimpse of our little girl. We are so grateful to the couples that have shared them with us! We watch them and look at her picture over and over.

I would love to be able to share these with you, but because of the country's privacy laws, we are not permitted to share photos until she is officially (legally) ours (which will not happen until we have passed court in Ethiopia).

It has been so wonderful to talk to some of the parents that have met our little girl. We got to learn about her personality a little bit. Apparently she is a "show stealer" and she "laughs when she hears someone else laughing." She also seems to "love food" and "eat anything" (which is good if you know anything about my cooking :)

There is no way to mail a package to her, but we have put together a package to send her with another parent that is traveling later this month (thank you Karen). The way that works is when a family goes to pick up their child, they bring packages for the other family (but they have to fit in a zip-lock 1 gallon bag). We packed her a toddler friendly photo album that we have included pictures of our family (holding her picture), her bedroom, and our dog, Sadie. We also have some clothes and a small baby doll for her.

There is another family that we didn't have time to send a package to, but who put one together "from us" and brought that to Addis Abba to be taken to Mekele by staff (thank you Aly; that was so generous of you!). Still another family that we contacted the day before they left to go to Mekele printed out a picture of Dustin and I to give to M in Mekele (Thank you JJ).

The other parents on our adoption agency's e-group are so sweet! I feel blessed to have them there for information and support!

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  1. As I read the end of your post I teared up Andrea your love for her is so great and you haven't even met her yet! I can't wait to meet her myself and welcome her into all our lives! You ROCK!! I hope you know that!!!