Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finishing the home study

We had our final meeting for our homestudy Monday up in Raleigh (we drove up there to meet with our agent because she wouldn't have been able to meet with us until the end of the month if we waited for her to come to Wilmington).

Since the very beginning of this process, Dustin and I have both agreed that we were going to adopt a little girl between the ages of 1 and 3 yrs of age. However, at our final interview with our social worker, she tries to talk us out of our age bracket recommending that we adopt an infant instead.

Her argument was that we would be "upsetting birth order" if the child was older than Audriana or "artifically twinning" Audriana if the child was less than 9 months older or younger than Audriana.

This was the first time that the social worker mentioned this as a problem. We had read of upsetting birth order, but only with adopting a child older than the oldest child in the house, and we didn't think that applied to us.

Dustin and I were a little upset with the fact that we had not been told that our age group was an issue. So, when we left the office, we decided we would discuss it and pray about it.

Our social worker also provided us with reading material (at my request) that provided reasonings for these concerns.

We read the articles and books that they gave us. We also did our own additional research (of course we did :), and we both still were convinced that our little girl was a toddler.

We contacted our social worker and informed her that we wanted our age limit to be up to 36 months. We figured that way if we were refered an infant, then that was God's plan, but we would also be able to be referred a toddler if that was his plan.

Our prayer now is for God's will.

The social worker agreed to reword our home study (it will be complete this Friday).

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