Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dossier complete

Okay, so getting the dossier together was a little more difficult than I would have liked, but not as bad as I had anticipated.

Some of the stuff I thought was good wasn't. For example, our original birth certificates aren't good enough. Instead, we needed to order new certified copies that have been issued within 6 months.

There are little things like this that some people view as annoying obstacles, but why complain about the system? It doesn't change anything. This is just how it is! So, we do what is required, and we know it is all worth it!

Another obstacle is that Dustin and I were married in Okinawa, Japan. Therefore, our marriage license is in Kanji, and we had to get the translation redone (certified) within the last 6 months.

We also had back ground checks at the local police department, paid traveling notary to come to our doctor's office to verify our doctor's signatures, and notarized references,...etc.

To all of you who completed references for Dustin and I, Thank you so much for your assistance!

So, once we had all the documents (and received the official home study in the mail), we made 6 copies of all the paperwork and sent it on it's way!

Dossier completed and mailed today!!! Off to D.C. for authentication!

All in all, we completed our Dossier in record time! (IAG even told us that our speed in getting it all together was impressive!). Well, of course! We want our little girl!

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