Sunday, November 15, 2009

Starting the home study process

We have chosen Catholic Charities in Raleigh as our home study agency. They work with many different adoption agencies, but they are a "coordinating agency" with Wacap.

We are eager to get this process started, so we are a little disappointed that we wont have our first scheduled interview and home visit until December 12th :( That seems so far off.

Luckily, there are several things that we can do to feel like we are moving forward. As part of our home study process, we had to write an auto-biography answering a bunch of questions about our life. Mine ended up being over 8 pages long (not surprising as you all know how long-winded I am :) Dustin's was closer to 6 pages long! We also scheduled appointments for the kids to all get physicals as well as Dustin and I to undergo a more thorough exam showing we are able to care for children.

This is all so new to us because no one made us pass any sort of inspection or test to have our other 3 children. I realize the reasoning for it, so it doesn't bother me.

We were also required to complete 10 hours of adoption training online. Honestly, all though some of the information seemed obvious, there were some parts that were very interesting. The classes did pose some questions and situations I had not previously considered, so I am glad that we took them!

I can't stop researching. I want to know more about the culture in Ethiopia. I want to learn some of the language, some of the food, the traditions,...

Bringing this child into our family is such a wonderful opportunity for us to become multi-cultural in a way that would not be possible without her!

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