Thursday, October 22, 2009

The decision to adopt

God has blessed us! Dustin and I have been married over 10 years now, and we have 3 amazing children that bring us such joy. Dustin and I love children (as anyone that knows us can attest to). We have known that we wanted more children in our family, but rather than have more biological children, we have decided to expand our family through adoption.

Dustin and I had considered adopting for some time, but we were hesitant because of our lack of knowledge. However, we have come into contact with several adoptive families, and they have helped provide us with the information necessary to start the adoption process. (A special thanks to Stephanie for answering my many questions) :)

Once Dustin and I officially decided to move forward with adoption, we began extensive research of different options to include foster to adopt, domestic adoption, and international adoption. For a multitude of reasons, we decided on international adoption.

Selecting an adoption agency and a country required additional research to include country requirements, country relationships, time-lines, costs, travel requirements, child availability,..etc.

We first selected our Adoption Agency. We decided to go with WACAP. Once we received their information packet, we laid out all the countries and read over their requirements. We laid them on the table and decided we would both go to prayer over the decision.

After a great deal of prayer, Dustin and I both woke up one morning and selected the same country....Ethiopia. We both just felt in our hearts that our daughter was waiting for us in Ethiopia.

Although we know it is going to be a long process, we are so excited to bring her home!

We sent our application to our home study agency 10/19, and we just mailed our Adoption Application today to the agency we selected, Wacap.

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